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Residential Purchase Closings

From the purchase and sale of investment property or a client’s dream home, our experienced team of professionals handles all parts of a property transfer carefully, seamlessly and at a great value.

Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions are often complex and multifaceted. Whether it’s a multi-phase construction project or the sale of an industrial parcel, our team is experienced at helping professionals and brokers navigate every step of the process, before, during and after the sale.

Industrial Transactions

Large-scale commercial transactions for industrial facilities require expertise and attention to detail in order close successfully, on time and without issue. Our experience representing all sides of these matters ensures better cooperation and faster closings.

Commercial and Residential Refinances

Whether a client is seeking to take advantage of attractive interest rates to lower their payments or to convert equity into cash for an investment or personal use, our team can provide strategic insight and guidance along the way.

Contract Preparation, Negotiation and Review

Only a licensed attorney is authorized to advise and represent you in the preparation of a contract. From individuals and nonprofits to major corporations, our attorneys have a wide range of client experience to draw from, and can review your contracts to ensure your best interests are protected in any type of transaction.


From deposits held prior to the closing of a transaction to the funds set aside to address post-closing concerns, we leverage our banking relationships to securely and professionally manage amounts entrusted to our care.

Title Searches

Through our network of search providers, our team thoroughly researches and retrieves all information and provides supporting documentation related to the title of a parcel. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that no surprises in ownership claims or property debts will emerge later.

Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E) Reports

Our office can provide a detailed report with all publicly available information on the property from its most recent owner.

Title Insurance

Our office is an approved agent for Westcor Land Title Insurance Company and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. Whether your transaction is commercial or residential in nature, our underwriters are among the best in the industry, ensuring that your investment is protected against claims of ownership, access or title.

New Construction

We are experienced in all facets of new construction. Whether it’s the negotiation of a contract with, or on behalf of a builder, securing financing for the project, or determining the status of land ownership and boundaries, our experts work quickly and tirelessly to cover all bases to protect, builders, buyers and lenders.

Short Sale Transactions

Our team can assist all parties, including lenders, sellers or buyers on short sale transactions where mortgage lenders can opt to discount the payoff on a property.

1031 Exchange Transactions

Through our network of professional partners, we can help make it easy for investors to reinvest proceeds from a sale and avoid the tax implications of that transaction.


We help clients buy or sell REO properties (real estate owned by lenders) before, during or after foreclosure by producing reports before a foreclosure bidding, facilitating a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure transaction or helping negotiate the terms after the foreclosure judgment has been entered.

Lien Clearing

On matters where a property is tied up by a lien or an unpaid debt, we can facilitate the approval and legal process to officially clear it as soon as possible.

Reverse Mortgages

On matters where a borrower can convert accumulated equity on a real property into a lump sum or scheduled payment, our team provides a smooth and timely transaction for borrowers, lenders and mortgage brokers.

Remote Closings

We accommodate our clients’ remote closing requests wherever they need us to be. Just ask, and we will make sure that your closing is handled correctly, efficiently and professionally. Our network of professionals and partners reaches across the state, region and country.

So much more

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. Customer service is the focus and total quality management is the goal. Whatever your needs are, we are always happy to help in any way we can.

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